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College Credit Accumulation


Students now are faced with more credit options than ever. AP, IB, and CLEP tests offer the opportunity to receive college credit prior to setting foot in a college classroom, but credits available can vary from school to school, and all are contingent on test scores. Other programs, such as College Now, can offer college credit without a standardized test, but a low grade in just one of these classes can negatively affect college GPA. 


Oregon Tutor can help every step of the way. Our academic instruction can prepare students for subject-specific tests, such as SAT II and AP. We have instructors in Chemistry, Calculus, Spanish, and many other subjects who can assist with understanding of course work as well as test preparation. 


Applying to College


College entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT, can be crucial for students seeking admission to a competitive college. These tests change periodically, making it vital to have the most up-to-date information. Our prep class offers 20 hours of instruction in all aspects of the test, including the material and test-taking strategies. Our classes never exceed 6-students in size, so you can always receive individual attention and an adaptive curriculum tailored to each student's needs. For students with a busy schedule, or who feel they need more individual attention, we can offer the SAT and ACT curriculum as a one-on-one course with a tutor. 


Students who have completed their entrance exams and are on the road to college can meet with an application specialist to learn more about the process and what they will need to create a strong application. These sessions provide students with specific tasks and goals that they can work towards to become a stronger candidate.