Math took us to the stars.

Where will it take you?

Math is critical to nearly every field of study. Angles, areas, systems of equations- they all exist in concrete application in our world. At Oregon Tutor we believe in comprehensive support, from elementary school through college, to help students develop a solid math foundation on which they can build a lifetime of learning. For many students math is a challenging or even frustrating field of study. We want to take the worry out of math and show how amazing it can be.


Elementary students can benefit from our experienced instructors assisting them with math facts and forming abstract reasoning skills. Middle school students can develop ways of looking at problems that work for their unique way of thinking, which in turns helps build classroom success and confidence. By high school many students feel they are hopelessly behind in math, and that they will be forever classified as "not a math person." We disagree! 

High school and college students interested in pursuing a study in mathematics, engineering, or one of many fields of science, may find that preparing in advance for classes such as calculus can aid in their comprehension and success in class. We are excited to offer Calculus Readiness camps during the summer and winter breaks, geared towards students who will be taking calculus the following term. 

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