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Tell Your Story

A tutor working on reading with a student.

The ability to read with confidence and to pick out vital pieces of information from a larger passage can affect a student's performance in every class, from history to math and everything in between.  We

work with students at every level, from beginning readers learning about phonics and word decoding, through adults working in reading fluency and speed. Our reading support is tailored to each student's unique needs, allowing us to work with each person's learning style. Whether you have a first grade student who needs help distinguishing Bs and Ds or you are an adult who wants to go back and fill in missing parts of your reading education, we can help! 

A hand writing with a pen.

Younger students may sometimes need support in handwriting, making sure they can clearly communicate their ideas to teachers and peers. Older students sometimes struggle with writing organization, and can benefit from learning how to outline and storyboard to help them express their thoughts in a logical manner. We also support students who are writing essays for college admissions or scholarship applications, assuring that they are putting their best foot forward and truly showcase the amazing candidate they are.


Expressing yourself through the written word is vital, especially in this time of global communication, where the words you write can often be seen by thousands of people. 

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