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What now?

Hello! We are so excited that you decided to study for your SAT or ACT with us! Below you will find the forms you will need to fill out and have with you on the first day of class. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 541-733-1749 or e-mail We look forward to seeing you in class! 

SAT Materials

ACT Materials

Please print a copy of each pre-course form and bring it to class with you on the first day! If you can't print them you are welcome to fill them out on the computer and e-mail a copy to, or call 541-733-1749 to set up a time to come in and get hard copies at our office! The survey can also be completed online through Google Forms by clicking the link above.

Don't spend too much time on the math test; 30-40 minutes is plenty. If you don't know how to do some of them, don't sweat it! That's what we're here for! 

Still need to register? Click here to download the registration form! 

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