Play to Learn! - Math Edition

One of my personal favorite ways to review a skill is by playing games online. If I'm playing, it doesn't feel like I'm learning but I am! Online games are a great way for students to reinforce skills they've been introduced to or learn totally new ones.We hope you had fun exploring the science games we shared last week! This week we're back to share some of our math favorites.


If you're a fan of soccer, this may become your favorite! Shoot your soccer ball toward the correct ordered pair to avoid your ball being caught by the goalie. Watch out for the timer and see if you can beat your personal high score.


You're picking out some candy at the local candy shop but there's one small problem. Not all the jars have prices! How can you figure out how much the candies are if they don't have prices? Use your math skills to create multi-step problems in order to find out how much your favorite candies will cost you.


Wangdoodles! Not really sure what they are, but they're a fun way to practice algebraic reasoning. Solve the wangdoodle's mystery weights to balance each equation.


Enjoy this fun twist on the classic Pac-Man! Practice mastering order of operations while navigating the maze all while attempting to stay away from the ghosts. Watch out though, you can only eat the ghost if they're carrying the correct solution!


Great for upper elementary and middle school students working on factors, this game lets you choose from 5 different products. Shoot balls into the maze in the right factor combinations to shrink the snake and move on to the next level!

Check back next Tuesday at 8:00 for our installment of Play to Learn! - Social Studies.

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