Play to Learn! - Social Studies Edition

One of my personal favorite ways to review a skill is by playing games online. If I'm playing, it doesn't feel like I'm learning but I am! Online games are a great way for students to reinforce skills they've been introduced to or learn totally new ones.We hope you had fun exploring the math games we shared last week! This week we're back to share some of our social studies favorites.


You've been giving the challenge of delivering pizzas around the world but no one told you the name of the place! All you have is the coordinates for its latitude and longitude. Use the given coordinates to navigate your car all over the world and send pizza to the right countries.


Pretend you've been dropped off in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere! It could be any country, any continent, rural, suburb, etc. Could you figure out where you are by using the clues around you? Google street view has made this exact scenario a possibility! Score points based on how far away your guess is from your actual location. Don't worry, there are other maps to choose from so you're not lost in the whole wide world.


Ever think what it would be like to be a mayor? Think you can decide which suggestions will boost your community and delegate them to the correct departments? Grow your community by adding resources and granting requests. Will you make the right kind of changes to earn a re-election?


Economics is a tough balancing act of supply, demand, cost, and the unexpected financial upsets. You're tasked with supplying bacon to the aliens who inhabit the planet you crashed on. See if you can make enough profit to repair your spaceship and still make it home with some pigs!

Check back next Tuesday at 8:00 for our installment of Play to Learn! - Language Arts.

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