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Play to Learn! - Language Arts

One of my personal favorite ways to review a skill is by playing games online. If I'm playing, it doesn't feel like I'm learning but I am! Online games are a great way for students to reinforce skills they've been introduced to or learn totally new ones.We hope you had fun exploring the math games we shared last week! This week we're wrapping up our feature month with Language Arts. We hope you've enjoyed our feature month and have found a new favorite or two!


If you've ever read a book and wished the images could animate themselves, your wish has come true! Carnegie Library of Pittsburg has created an online story maker where you can add your own characters, make them interact with each other, change scenery and much more! I personally love the little purple character that prompts you with new ideas during writer's block.


Help end world hunger with Free Rice! Operated by the United Nations World Food Program, this game lets your earn grains of rice for each vocabulary word you get correct. There's even more options available from the Subject tab at the top - world capitals, famous works of art, chemical abbreviations, etc.


Mad Libs are a classic and enjoyed by kids of all ages! Not to mention, they're a fantastic way to review parts of speech and get a belly full of laughs. Choose the theme of the story and let the fun begin!


Great for high school students studying Shakespeare, this collection of games includes all types of Shakespeare trivia. Figure out unfamiliar vocabulary, identify famous quotes, choose a suitor for Juliet and even play Hamlet in a duel! Dost thou have what it takes?


Blast some aliens while practicing punctuation! Armed with paintball guns in multiple colors, splatter your way to grammar greatness. Correct each sentence with capitalization and punctuation shots in order to advance to the next level. Do well and you may even earn your way to a bonus round!

We hope you've enjoyed our feature this month and have found a new favorite or two. If you have a personal favorite game, we'd love to add it to our list! Comment on our Facebook page with your game and share the fun!

We will be back next month to share some Back to School tips. Stay tuned!

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