Ways to Stay Organized for Fall

The 2018-19 school year is underway. There are several ways to conquer the school year. Getting organized is one of them! Here are tips to keep you and your kids organized that will start you off successfully.


1. Be systematic.

Create a system to keep things separated. This can be dividing classes into

labeled sections or placing homework into folders labeled "Homework To Do" and "Homework Completed".

2. Get the family involved.

Use one large dry-erase calendar for the whole family. Each name can be color-coded with markers. This helps with accountability if everyone knows the schedule.

3. Keep track.

Use an individual planner. Enter everything into your schedule, from appointments, assignments, chores to study time. When planning, it is best to keep consistent when possible.

4. Visualize it.

When getting organized, one method is to color code. Keep subject notebooks color-coded to match colors used in your planners for each subject. Create checklists to keep in visible areas to eliminate forgetting smaller tasks.

5. Be adaptable.

Not all methods will work for everyone. Try a combination of methods and figure out what works best for you and your family to stay on track and remain organized.

6. Set goals.

Have a new due date for an assignment? Map out smaller tasks that will lead up to completing it. How long will readings take for your book report? Is a night enough to write 3 pages of the report? Plan ahead and give yourself realistic deadlines to complete each task in order to have the assignment done on time.

7. Keep it all together.

Prepare your days the night before. Choose an outfit, place your backpack somewhere handy, and pack a lunch before you go to bed each night. No need to scramble in the morning before heading out the door.

8. Take a break.

It is important to take breaks because your brain gets fatigued. For every 60 minutes of studying or doing homework, take a 10 minute break. Keep a timer to stay on track.

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