Living Through COVID

This has been a very stressful year for so many, and we here at Oregon Tutor hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and that you are enjoying what summer has left for you. In this world right now, with so much uncertainty one thing is for sure: Fall is coming! Leafs will soon be changing and falling, and kids will be joining classrooms (whether it be online or in person) again! We know that for many, these changes that have been implemented are very difficult, and frustrating at the very least. This can only be more stressful, if you have a kiddo at home and you suddenly just became their math, science, writing, reading, and history teacher in addition to being their parent! It's times like these where I would like like to remind myself to breath, it won't last forever! Even if it seems like it will right now... If you are struggling with teaching your students please feel free to contact us for help! We are here, and open waiting to relieve you and your students of some of the stress that school may be causing you right now.

In addition to the required masks that all students, teachers, and staff wear while they are in the building, we are wiping down all desks, chairs, whiteboards, etc. after every encounter with students or teachers. Our staff is coming in early and staying late to clean and sanitize to ensure that Oregon Tutor is a safe space for you and your students to attend. We hope that you feel safe in our facility, but if you don't we understand the anxiety that having to come into another building may cause. Which is why we are offering online tutoring as well. I hope that we can help you in some way! Even if it is just reaching out, to see if there is any online resources we can guide you to.

Oregon Tutor has also moved into a different room within the same building we were already located in. Just head through the main double doors on the front entrance, head through the doors and look for the hallway on your left. Down the hallway, we are now located in the first door on your right! Room 122. We hope to see you soon!

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